12 Jul 2015

{astro} Cancer New Moon

A New Moon is a time for reflecting on the previous Full Moon's revelations. A time to release what is no longer needed, set intentions for the cycle ahead, and generally look within for our truth. It's our chance to dig under the surface and find what we have access to right now to help us through the next phase.

On the 16th we have a New Moon in the nurturing and sensitive sign of Cancer. The effects are felt around a week leading up to it.

Honour your emotional body to lead your direction.
Align your actions with your thoughts.
Balance control and power with flexibility and vulnerability.
Release old thinking and behaviours that no longer work.
Communicate what you need to feel secure.

Emotional focus on family, home, the past. A drive to establish a home life. A need to actively choose to end something in your public life to nurture what you value in the home.

Possibly signing a lease/contract related to the home, or making changes within the existing home. Talks amongst the family. Spending more time at home or in family activities. Reconsidering issues from your childhood.
The chance to have inner security.

Emotional focus on communicating, immediate surroundings and people. A drive to express your authentic thoughts. A need to actively choose to let go of an ideal to nurture what you value in the immediate world.

Possibly sharing significant words. Writing emails, corresponding with others, signing contracts, taking short trips, spontaneous chats.
The chance to have connection.

Emotional focus on values, what you own, how you own it. A drive to sift through what matters to you. A need to actively choose to end something shared with others to nurture what you truly value.

Possibly de-cluttering, mentally or your actual possessions. Considering your financial flow, what is working and what isn't. Nurturing your connection to your physical world as well as your own body. Appreciating what you hold dear through your tactile experiences.
The chance to have security.

Emotional focus on radiating your personality. A drive to verbally express your will and Self. A need to actively choose to let go of a commitment to another to allow space for nurturing your Self.

Possibly taking on the role of leader, or starting a new project. Being noticed. A keen awareness of how you project your personality. Wanting to make a change in your appearance or general presentation.
The chance to have courage.

Emotional focus on a need to rest, reassess and regenerate. A drive to find the quiet within and recharge your creativity. A need to actively choose to let go of an obligation in your daily life or work to allow space for nurturing your inner life and spiritual Self.

Possibly seeking retreat and solitude. Spending time within healing institutions - hospitals, retreats. Realising your empathic qualities. Lies exposed. Understanding the need to balance activity with recharging.
The chance to have spiritually-based truth.

Emotional focus on friends, social groups, and hopes. A drive to gain your wishes, or to be amongst others and interact.  A need to actively choose to let go of self-needs to allow space for nurturing your connections with others.

Possibly joining or becoming more active in a new group. Being honest with friends. Heart-to-heart talks. Lots of social activity. Joining a cause, or signing up for an ongoing donation. Reflecting on your hopes and wishes, and clearing out what no longer works.
The chance to have tolerance.

Emotional focus on your place in the world. A drive to reach your public achievements. A need to actively choose to let go of a commitment to the family, home life, or an issue from the past to allow space for nurturing your public Self.

Possibly a new job offer, reassessing your career, reputation, and generally how you are seen by what you put out into the world. Developing new plans. Working towards visible achievements. Self-mastery. You are very visible at this time, keep your words sincere.
The chance to have discipline.

Emotional focus on your ideals and expanding your world. A drive to discover and explore higher realms. A need to actively choose to let go of superficial communications and distractions to allow space for nurturing your higher potential.

Possibly long distance travel. Reassessing your philosophies on life. Taking on new learning. Higher education of some sort. Publishing. A new 'teacher', or taking on a teacher role. Dealing with legal matters. Restlessness. Seeking adventure. Pushing the limits.
A chance to have a wider perspective.

Emotional focus on what you share with others. A drive to express your deep needs/fears, or work through shared resources, with significant others. A need to actively choose to let go of what you personally value to allow space for nurturing your shared needs.

Possibly dealing with shared money such as bank accounts, investments, or inheritance. Pooling your resources for a shared goal. Pay off or collect debts. Power issues with others. Self-empowerment through sex and deep intimacy. Uncovering yours and others' motivations. Coming together towards an intense or passionate goal.
The chance to begin a transformation.

Emotional focus on relationships. A drive to connect with significant others. A need to actively choose to let go of a specific self-focus to allow space for nurturing your connections with others.

Possibly starting a new, or recommitting to an existing, relationship. Re-evaluating what you need from close relationships. Someone you can count on. Needing fairness and diplomacy. Seeking supportive relationships.
The chance to find relational balance.

Emotional focus on service to others. A drive to be of practical use. A need to actively choose to let go of a desire to escape or be introspective to allow space for nurturing what you do for others.

Possibly changing your living space, workspace, or routines. New health/diet regimes. Pets. Taking care of the finer details. Critical and logical thinking. Organising the details of your day-to-day life. Meal plans, schedules. Sorting, sifting, de-cluttering.
The chance to find practical purpose.

Emotional focus on romance, creativity, children. A drive to express your heart's desires. A need to actively choose to let go of trying to achieve goals to allow space for nurturing an ability to create for its own sake.

Possibly starting a romance, or rekindling an existing one. Time with children and their needs. New creative projects. Having fun, enjoying life, re-discovering your inner child. Centre of attention. radiating love. Ability to relax.
The chance to find inner joy.

27 Feb 2015

{hear} Karise Eden

Once in a while a new voice emerges that touches you in your centre and rocks your socks off. What bohemian doesn't go weak at the knees to a voice that drips with pain, sorrow, and passion?

Inevitably, she's been compared to Ms Joplin, and that's high praise indeed. Winning an Australian talent show at only 19, she went on to have the biggest selling album nationally for an Australian artist that year.

However, news of her troubled life soon leaked out. Young girls in hoards looked to her as a role model, but she was still so young, and by no means out from under her own struggles. How could she give answers that she was still seeking herself?

The pressure led to a breakdown. It took two years of healing before she returned to the spotlight.

Yet it's likely that her pains have fed and fuelled her artistry. She deserves our attention. She deserves our support. Her debut CD sits on my shelves.

Watch her audition:

3 Feb 2015

{see} uppercase magazine

Every Creative needs to know about UPPERCASE magazine.

Founded by Janine Vangool in 2009, UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for "the creative and curious". Delicious visuals that "spark the imagination and inspire creativity". The magazine is a quarterly craft, fashion, illustration, and design journal.

But that doesn't begin to encapsulate the gorgeousness of design, attention to detail, and cutting-edge inspiration. I'm salivating to have one of their back issues in my hands, but glory, the postage to UK is more than double the issue's price! I envy you North Americans!

30 Jan 2015

{senses} 30 Jan 2015

read: Get In Trouble, Kelly Link
taste: Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean comfort eating
see: Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Honourable Woman
hear: Game Grrrl, Maramza
touch: bohemian clutches
"Let me
keep my mind on what matters,
which is my work.
which is mostly standing still and learning to be
Mary Oliver (Messenger poem excerpt)

23 Jan 2015

{senses} 23 Jan 2015

read: Kazuo Ishiguro on The Remains of the Day – books podcast
taste: glorious and their descriptions:
"Balanced with ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves, lazy days sleeping in hammocks and island hopping in longtail boats."

see: Riusuke Fukahori , Three Dimensional Goldfish Sculptures
hear: Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na), Freedom Fry

touch: Making Mail
think: The only reason people do not know much is because they do not care to know. They are incurious. Incuriosity is the oddest and most foolish failing there is.”
Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles