Comment free

I just want to use this blog to share arts, culture, and all beautiful and interesting things that I come across.

But feel free to use the comment section below for any questions, feedback, and so on and on.

Comment Freedom
is about freeing the blogger and the reader from comments for whatever reason.
It can be for an entire blog, for certain posts, for a specific or indefinite time period. Feel free to link your 'comment freedom' note here as way of explanation to your readers.

5 authentic responses:

  1. Nice idea with the comment Freedom, Monica. I've been contemplating using something similar as I create a new online space. But anyway, I just wanted to say how inspiring it has been to seen your dynamic art work emerging lately. I like how you are trying several different mediums all together and just going for it! At the moment I'm working two large canvases combining paint and fiber--very exciting! I hope to share more are soon, not that I am feeling better and painting again. Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))

    1. there's nothing like artists inspiring each other. thanks so much for your encouragement Tracy.

  2. Happy solstice Monica. I was wondering which paints you use? you have excellent depth of colour. x

    1. Happy Solstice.
      At the moment I'm using acrylic inks, Liquitex and Daley Rowney. And I use Rembrandt and Sennelier soft pastels.
      I was thinking that the depth didn't show in the photos, so I'm glad to hear it's somewhat picked up.

  3. "I just want to use this blog to share arts, culture, and all beautiful and interesting things that I come across."
    Monica. What a brilliant idea.

    One of the ways I like to share whatever inspires me and fills my heart with beauty is by posting an occasional "friday favorite" on my blog - wonderingmind studio. I think you might subscribe to this blog, but in case you don't, or haven't seen the last post, please visit. You are this week's feature.

    In gratitude for your exquisite work and all you share.

    ~ ml


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