senses shared

At the end of (most of) my posts, I like to share little snippets related to the senses.

Sometimes I want to write a post on a specific topic, but also want to share such things as an article, an online find such as a photographer, artist, or new song, or simply something personal, like what I'm reading, thinking or feeling. So this gives me a format for doing just that, and pointing you towards something lovely (or interesting, funny, useful, controversial even).

I use the senses with a couple of extras. I only include what has come to me that day, so will skip any. Look over any of my posts to see examples.


If you want to participate, please do so, I love reading similar snippets from others.


To make it super easy, if you do this regularly like I do, I include the following in my post template. This means you don't need to type it out each time.

Highlight and copy what's in the box below. Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Formatting > down to the 'Post Template' box, and paste into there. Save.


If you participate, please include the senses button on your blog somewhere (usually a sidebar html widget), and link back here.
Alternately, a (via) credit at the end of your list is plenty.

If you've added the button to your sidebar, or include a via/credit link, link up your blog here.